CBC Report Uncovers The Banks' Atrocious Financial Advice

CBC recently reviewed the financial advice that banks provide to its customers. According to the CBC report, the financial advisors at the bank provided atrocious advice. The report goes on to discuss that the bank’s financial advisors were not properly trained, could not answer questions, provided inappropriate answers, did not evaluate the clients risk tolerance etc. In short, the bank financial advisors did a terrible job that could be very detrimental to the client’s financial situation.

At GTA Wealth Management, each and every one of clients are treated as our most important client. Our experience and highly qualified financial advisors and tax accountants thoroughly evaluate your financial situation and provide a perfectly tailored solution that meets your unique individual financial needs. This would involve reviewing your cash flow, debt management, insurance protection, future use of the invested funds, tax implications etc. We take the whole picture into account and design a financial package with is just right for you.

At GTA Wealth Management, our experiences with former clients of the banking industry have largely mirrored that of the CBC report. Former clients of the banks who have come to GTA Wealth have stated that there is much turnover at the banks - many had dealt with a different individual each time they went to the bank to discuss their financial planning! There was terrible service continuity which was not in the client’s best financial interest. Add to this, the myriad of bad advice, incompetence etc. and we have a toxic soup that negatively impacts the client financially.

When looking for a financial advisor / planner, you should ensure the individual has a financial planning designation i.e. certified financial planner (CFP) or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) etc. The exams that are required to obtain these designations are rigorous and provide the individual with the required knowledge. Tax accountants are also involved in the financial planning arena i.e. CGA, CA. These designations will ensure that the individual has received the requisite training i.e. taxation, financial management and is fully qualified. The designations also have university degree requirements before acceptance into the programs. The banks tend to hire graduates from programs that may not have the above training i.e. degrees not associated in any way with financial matters. GTA Wealth Management has a team of highly qualified and experienced tax accountants and financial planners to serve you and improve your financial situation.

The banks will tend to offer products that are sold by the bank, products which are in their interests not your interest. Many clients are treated as just another number to simply be utilized as a revenue stream. Simply put, the bank employees will recommend bank products that may not be best suited for you. This may not be ideal for your financial situation.

With the independent financial advisors at GTA Wealth Management Inc., we can access many providers of financial solutions (about 50 different investment firms including the banks, multiple insurance companies etc) to best suit the client’s needs; not just the banks’ products. As the CBC report indicates, many of the banks’ financial advisors are “just order takers” without your best interests in mind.

The tax accountants and certified financial planners at GTA Wealth Management provide a personalized service that keeps your best interests at the forefront at all times. That may mean paying off debt or purchasing the required insurance coverage before investing. In the end, we provide solutions that best meet your financial needs. We have a fully qualified team of financial advisors and tax accountants able and ready to serve your best financial interests. You can count on GTA Wealth Management Inc. to serve you better.

Contact or call GTA Wealth Management toll free 1 855 GTA WLTH (855 482 9584) to accelerate your ride to financial independence. A professional wealth management financial advisor is ready to serve your wealth management, tax return and planning needs. GTA Wealth Management Inc. has three convenient locations in Mississauga, Toronto and Markham to serve you.

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