Investment Planning

Accelerate your Investment Planning. The independent financial advisors at GTA Wealth will help you succeed with your investment planning and maximize your wealth creation.

Investment Planning

Accelerate your Investment Planning. The independent financial advisors at GTA Wealth will help you succeed with your investment planning and maximize your wealth creation.

Grow your investments with GTA Wealth

Investment planning is a tool used to help your reach your retirement goals. Investment planning is a component of your entire financial plan. Your financial plan is comprised of managing your debt, investment planning, income taxes, estate, insurance, income and retirement planning.

Through out your wealth management process you will be faced with investment planning decisions like the following: When to start investing? How much to invest? What to invest in? Should you use a financial advisor? How much risk you are willing to assume? When will you need the money? How much cash flow will you need? These are some of the questions that will need to be answered.

Your investment planning process will begin with your goals. Whether you want to buy a house in five years versus saving for retirement will have an impact on your investment planning selections. You will need to analyze your current financial position and what your final financial destination will be. Your current analysis starts with your cash flow; how much disposable income do you have to contribute to your wealth management. A good rule of thumb is to take 10% of what you make and put this toward your financial planning. A GTA Wealth financial advisor will be able to help you with this calculation. It is helpful to do a budget. If you don’t want to do the budget, you can utilize the 10% rule of thumb. The other side of the coin is to estimate your daily living expenses when you retire and your desired lifestyle. Will your current savings plan provide the required cash flow for your retirement plans?

Quick Facts about Investment Planning:

  • Have a GTA Wealth tax account review your investments to ensure they are tax efficient.
  • Prepare a budget to determine your disposable income.
  • Utilize the tax sheltering of retirement savings plans (RSP), Tax Free Savings Plans (TFSA) and  registered education savings plans (RESP).
  • Diversify your portfolio.
  • Evaluate your anticipated lifestyle / cash flow needs in retirement and and design a retirement plan for reaching your goals.
    The first investment vehicles to consider are the government sponsored ones; retirement savings plans (RSP), Tax Free Savings Plans (TFSA), registered education savings plans (RESP). The government provides tax benefits for the aforementioned structures that should not be squandered. Once you have maximized your government plans, you need to investigate other tax preferred investment vehicles. Your GTA Wealth financial advisor can assist.

    Some of the investment options are mutual funds, stocks, bonds, real estate, business ownership, GIC’s, annuities, segregated funds, corporate class funds, insurance policies etc. Your GTA Wealth financial advisor can help you select the best asset allocation for you. Your risk tolerance will have to be evaluated and the appropriate investments selected. Some individuals want the get rich quick scheme and assume too much risk. For example, having too much of one type of asset would increase the risk exposure. Having a large portion of your investment portfolio in one or two stocks or real estate in one particular area increases your risk. There is also a time risk. Some do it yourself investors try to manage their portfolio on their own; however, if you have a full time job it becomes very difficult to give the attention to your portfolio that is needed. Consequently, the portfolio underperforms and a sudden decrease in the price of a few stocks could jeopardize your wealth.

    The GTA Wealth advisors can provide a holistic approach to your investment planning. Having an insurance agent, accountant, banker, money manager can result in a huge disconnect with your financial plan. Your entire approach needs to be integrated and this concept can be facilitated by having one competent independent financial advisor. The banks tend to offer a financial advisor or money manager. However, this individual may not be well versed in tax or has not included certain aspects your financial plan and may be negatively constrained by the bank’s self-serving financial agenda. For example, if the money manager is only looking after your money, he/she may not be familiar with your debt structure and the cost of your borrowing. In some situations, it may be better to pay off debt rather than invest. In addition, the financial planner at the bank may provide some advice regarding investment selection; however, he/she may not provide any tax advice or insurance needs analysis. An independent financial advisor at GTA Wealth sees the big picture and crafts the optimum financial strategies for you based on this synergetic approach to financial planning.

    The GTA Wealth Advantage and Your Investment Planning

  • Independent: GTA Wealth has an independent financial team. The financial advisors at GTA Wealth can access more that 50 investment firms including the banks to service your needs . We will select the investments that best suit your needs without any allegiance to a particular company; as opposed to an employee working for one company. The financial advisors GTA Wealth work for you, not an employer.
  • More resources: GTA Wealth can access investment firms with offices around the globe and more than $1.6 trillion in assets under management (Fidelity Investments); larger than all the assets under management of the Canadian banks.
  • Unique investment opportunities: Access to institutional investment managers that have experience managing corporate and government pension funds for more than 40 years.This expertise leads to consistent performance and in come cases, capital preservation. Access to currency neutral options, and the ability to trade in European countries (via Jitney) that competitors don’t have legal filings to do so.
  • Multidisciplinary approach: GTA Wealth can provide multiple financial services that will result in efficiency for the client and superior results. We are able to analyse various facets of your wealth building plan, such as, tax, investments, debt, insurance etc. Why go to a multitude of financial advisors when you can come to one; a financial advisor that is knowledgeable about your entire wealth management plan. Capitalize on the synergy.
  • Tax efficiency: Access to corporate class funds and tax efficient systematic withdrawal plans.
  • Flexible: The client can set up monthly contributions from his/her bank account. Monthly contributions amounts can be changed at any time. Systematic withdrawal plans can also be set up for clients that need a consistent cash flow.
  • Expertise: GTA Wealth has tax accountants and certified financial advisors to answer all your tax and investment planning questions.
  • Enhanced reporting: Clients can access their accounts online and receive statements electronically.
  • Low fees:  There is no charge to set up an registered education savings plan (RESP) account.

For all your Investment planning needs, you can count on GTA Wealth

In summary, there are many aspects of investment planning and the financial advisors at GTA Wealth can help you achieve your wealth management goals. GTA Wealth is a company you can trust with your investment planning. We have a highly successful portfolio of many happy clients.

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