Understanding Wealth Management

Stages of your Wealth Planning - Starting out in life | The Family Stage | The Wealth Generation Stage | The Cash Flow Stage

Wealth management applies to everyone; however, everyone's situation is unique. Find out about the wealth management process and how it applies to you.

The Transfer Stage and Estate Planning

After working hard all your life, you tend to accumulate assets in the process. It is prudent to have a plan to take care of these assets when you pass away. This can be the largest tax bill during your lifetime! You can give a majority of the assets to the government in tax or you can plan now for how to reduce your largest tax bill. This tax bill can be in the 50% range of asset values and gains on the assets.

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Corporate Tax Returns

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If you are incorporated, then you are legally required to file your corporation taxes each year. Even with this administrative requirement, there are benefits to incorporating. There are non-tax benefits and tax benefits. In addition to tax compliance, you will have additional wealth management needs once your business is profitable. For example, what do you do with your excess cash in the corporation? How do you mitigate the risk of the loss of a business partner? Do you need a mortgage to purchase that dream house?