Investment Planning

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Grow your investments with GTA Wealth

Investment planning is a tool used to help your reach your retirement goals. Investment planning is a component of your entire financial plan. Your financial plan is comprised of managing your debt, investment planning, income taxes, estate, insurance, income and retirement planning.

Transferring Pensions

Transfer your pension plan from your employer to a locked in retirement account managed by the experienced financial advisors at GTA Wealth.

Many of our clients are choosing to transfer their pension plans from their employer to a locked in retirement account and have a financial advisor manage their funds.

Registered Pension Plan’s (RPP) are funded by employee contributions, employer contributions or a combination of both. The goal is to allow a pension income to be received at the employee’s retirement.

Group Benefits

Let the financial advisors at GTA Wealth Management Inc. tailor the perfect group benefits package for your company.

Offering group benefits is a method for business owners to attract top talent. Running a business is hard work and competition is intense. Attracting and keeping top employees gives a business a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Offering a solid group benefits plan to employees gives the employees a sense of security and comfort knowing that they don’t have to worry about retirement savings, the financial liabilities of medical expenses and liabilities that can arise as a result of disability. As a result, the employee can better concentrate on his/her work.

Long Term Care insurance

When planning your retirement, you need to consider your future health care needs. Long term care insurance can help you protect your retirement plan by allowing you to maintain your standard of living.

Have you thought about what your future will be like if you’re not able to take care of yourself? Have you planned for long term care such as nursing care or home care services? After living independently, it is reasonable to anticipate the need for care. You will perhaps first need care while living at home, then in a retirement home or seniors’ residence and eventually in a nursing home. Have you explored the cost of such living arrangements? It could cost thousands of dollars a month.