Critical Illness Insurance

Protect yourself from the high costs associated with life-altering illnesses with a critical Illness insurance policy from GTA Wealth Management Inc.

Critical illness (CI)is a new product designed to manage the risk of contracting certain diseases. Mortality rates are falling; however, the number of people with illnesses such as, cancer, heart disease, stroke etc. has risen. Getting sick is not something we think about, but it does happen. Treating and coping with illness can mean significant and often unexpected costs. Critical illness insurance provides a cash benefit if you are diagnosed with one of the conditions described in the contract and you survive the waiting period of usually 30 days.

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance; Your greatest asset is to earn an income. Protect that asset with a disability insurance policy from GTA Wealth Management Inc.

Many financial advisors will state that your greatest asset is to earn an income. This asset could be destroyed if you become disabled. You should ask yourself some questions to determine how your ability to earn an income and financial future could be affected by a sudden accident that negatively impacts you ability to earn an income.

Life Insurance

GTA Wealth Management Inc. specializes in providing solutions to manage your risk. As independent brokers we work for you, not the insurance company. Access multiple insurance companies to get the best life insurance value.

Life insurance is a powerful tool in your financial tool box. Life insurance provides liquidity when you need it. In case of a sudden death of the main bread winner, the life insurance will be a welcomed payment. Families can be devastated with a unexpected and premature death. This is a huge risk for young families; especially when there is only one income earner.

Non-resident Income Tax Return

Non-resident with Canadian rental property?  Non-resident selling Canadian real estate? Non-resident performing services in Canada?  Canadian employers with non-resident employees? Top quality work, affordable rates and worldwide for all your non-resident income tax return needs.

Worldwide Canadian non-resident income tax return service

Earning an income in a country that you are non-resident is very common today. Corporations have locations in many countries and employees have to be mobile. Individuals will also invest their disposable income in foreign countries. To ensure the base country receives it’s fair share of tax, the base country will levy “withholding taxes”. These withholding taxes can be imposed on rental income, wages, independent contractor payments, interest, dividends, capital gains etc..