Beware of These T1135 Traps

It is required that clients with over $100,000 in foreign property file a T1135 form. It is crucial for accountants to acquire relevant and complete information due to the complexity level of this form. The $100,000 threshold was planned to be increased; however, the Liberal government may not change this limit.

10 Steps To Keeping Your Financial Focus

In today’s market, especially the events which have occurred over the last few months, such as low oil prices and China’s currency devaluation, it seems as though these events should simply be classified as “noise” and should not deviate you from your initial financial plan. In essence, your financial plan should be geared towards long-term sustainability, not short-term fluctuations. The goal is to try your best to ignore the noise circulating the market news and stay true to your personalized financial plan.

Critical Illness Insurance

While the emotional and life ramifications of being diagnosed with a critical illness can be devastating, so too can the financial consequences. Those affected are suddenly faced with a loss in earnings, which usually compound with costly outlays ranging from medical bills, treatment plans, transportation costs when seeing specialists and potential housing accommodations, among others. Critical illness insurance is a powerful service that can reduce the financial strain faced by those diagnosed with serious illnesses.

Brigitte’s Financial Review - A GTA Wealth Management Inc. case study

Brigitte was a referral from a current client. She was handling her investments at her local bank branch. She felt overwhelmed with the investments that she had and was unsure about the type of investments that she should have. She realized that she needed some help.


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