“Freetirement”, not “Retirement”

Up until recently, retirement was simply thought of as the official end to the working life after which one would collect pension cheques and stay at home. However, with people living longer and wanting to fulfill their dreams and accomplish goals, we are seeing a shift in how people think about retirement.

RRSP options after retirement

All investors realize the value of the Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). Since 1957, this has been a powerful vehicle for Canadians to save for retirement. Benefits enjoyed by RRSP contributors include tax deductions, tax-deferred investment growth and tax deferral. However, many investors are caught unaware of their alternatives when their RRSP expires soon after retirement - when an investor turns 71 the RRSP must be closed.

Below are three of the major alternatives investors have when it comes to transferring their RRSP funds after the age of 71.

Tax Issues on Divorce

When a marriage or common law relationship breaks down, there are several issues to be considered in the process, some of which include financial and tax issues. The following article will examine some key Canadian tax rules that couples should take into consideration during a divorce or separation.

Is Severance pay taxable? What is the tax rate on your severance package?

Is Severance pay taxable? Tax on your severance package in Canada will be information you will need to know to properly plan. What is the tax rate on your severance plan?


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