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Understanding Investment Objectives

One of the basic principles of finance is the “risk-return trade-off”. This trade-off explains that the more risk we assume in our portfolios, the higher rate of return we should expect to earn.

RRSP options after retirement

All investors realize the value of the Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). Since 1957, this has been a powerful vehicle for Canadians to save for retirement.

Life Insurance and Estate Planning

Estate planning, which deals with the transfer of assets after death, has seen increased application in recent years.

Financial Protection With Critical Illness Insurance

While the emotional and life ramifications of being diagnosed with a critical illness can be devastating, so too can the financial consequences. Those affected are suddenly faced with a loss in earnings, which usually compound with costly outlays ranging from medical bills and treatment plans, transportation costs when seeing specialists and potential housing accommodations, among others. Critical illness insurance is a powerful service that can reduce the financial strain faced by those diagnosed with serious illnesses.


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